Headphone and Earphone Measurement

  • Measurement of over-ear, on-ear and in-ear headphones and earphones
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Performs measurements for Feed-forward and Feed-back ANC systems
  • Lab or bench top development tool
  • Production line quality control

The HP70 is a complete self contained measurement instrument for headphones and earphones. Bluetooth A2DP source and HFP audio gateway are standard to allow measurement and quality control of bluetooth devices including TWS bluetooth devices. The device finds application for active noise cancellation product development and production trimming. The common interface protocols I2C, SPI, QSPI , UART and Bluteooth SPP allow direct interfacing to DUT’s for production trimming and configuration.


Bluetooth TWS Earphone Test

  • Dedicated inset earphone test device
  • Targets TWS and Bluetooth Earphones for product develop and QC
  • Suitable for 100% production testing
  • Benchtop sample evaluation tool
  • Executes battery life testing
  • Frequency response, THD, channel balance, channel separation and polarity testing

This compact device is aimed squarely at measurement of insert earphones, especially TWS and other bluetooth products. The unit houses microphone couplers to plug-in insert earphones as well as a loudspeaker to measure the products voice microphones. The default setup makes measurements of frequency response, distortion, balance, polarity and channel assignment to cover all key aspect of product function.

Headphone Driver Testing

  • Driver performance evaluation
  • Production line driver sorting / grouping
  • Driver tuning
  • Component IQC

The DT70 is a dedicated tool for measuring headphone drivers. The device provides a chamber and microphone for measuring a driver frequency response into a one sided acoustic volume. The tool has particular application to assembly line driver sorting. In this application the measured response of drivers is used to automatically determine a grouping that each driver shall fall into, this allow products to be built with matched pairs of drivers greatly improving the channel balance. For IQC applications the tool enables easy sample checking of goods to confirm conformity with the specification.

System Integrators Solution

  • For system builders to implement audio measurements
  • PCBA Test jigs
  • Custom test fixtures

The core electronics system is available in bare PCBA form. This solution is used for integration into other test and measurement setups that require the addition of audio spectrum measurements. The instrument provides 4 input channels and 2 signal output channels. The instrument has the optional addition of a bluetooth transmitter for testing bluetooth based devices. The most common application is to build this tool into a PCBA test fixture to perform tests on electronic filters.