Category: ANC

ANC Development Process

The process for developing an ANC headset is broadly similar to any product development. At the top level we must go through the phases of Ideation, Market and Business validation, Product Development and Commercialization. It is the product development stage where a few idiosyncrasies and details need to be recognized and addressed to ensure a…
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ANC Simulation vs Measured

In ANC product development modelling and simulation tools tools are an essential part of the process. The use of simulation tools allows the designer to predict the ANC performance as well as understand key characteristics such as phase and gain margin. The question is however, how well does the simulation data match the actual results…
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ANC Digital vs Analogue

In active noise cancellation there is often debate over whether digital or analogue systems provide better performance. Lets examine the differences and similarities and see how they might affect the noise cancellation performance The principle of noise cancellation is based on the observation that overlapping sound waves add together. So if we have a noise…
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