Starting a new design or retrofitting an existing product ZUMI has the skills, tools and experience to deliver outstanding ANC performance.

ANC design is a specialist field that involves the acoustics and electronics of a headphone or earphone. The extent to which the acoustic design is setup to facilitate active noise cancellation behaviour will determine how much ANC can be achieved.

The process of developing an ANC product involves designing and tuning the acoustic system, then determining the electronic filters to match. Every product design has idiosyncrasies that mean the the acoustics and electronic filters will be unique to that product.

At ZUMI we offer the complete ANC design service to integrate first class ANC performance into your product. We design for Feedforward and Feedback systems with either analog or digital filter systems. Get in touch to find out more …


Achieving strong and dependable ANC requires sound design fundamentals. ZUMI will work with a clients ID designer and mechanical engineers to ensure that the platform is setup with characteristics that will support great ANC.


It is always necessary to build physical samples and tweak and tune to get the best out a design. ZUMI has both in-house and out sourced rapid prototyping facilities and has extensive in-house capability for sample building.


Lots of measuring is an essential part of the ANC development process. ZUMI is fully equipped to generate all the measurements needed and more. In fact measurement is our specialty


Over many years of developing ANC products ZUMI has built a comprehensive suite of simulation and optimization software. This is the secret sauce and a closely guarded trade secret. These tools allow us to not only accurately predict ANC performance, but more importantly to develop optimized electronic and acoustic solutions.


Its important to backup a great ANC headset design with tight manufacturing processes. This requires a combination of test check points and a focus on key assembly steps. The assembly process is managed by putting in place well documentation workflow and backing that up with the right testing and quality control steps.