Audio Design

Active Noise Cancellation Engineering

Design, Development and Deployment of active noise cancellation headphones and earphones. ANC is a specialist field and we are the experts. 

Test and Measurement Tools

Check out our range of test and measurements tools. Our devices are designed for ease of use, portability and reliability. 

Acoustic Design

Looking for acoustic design engineering support, look no further. Whether its a complete new design or troubleshooting an existing item we have the solution

ZUMI produces audio measurement tools for a wide range of applications from lab to assembly line. Specialists in making complex measurement jobs fast and easy.

We are focused on creating portable, fast and easy to use tools, without compromising on accuracy and capability. The solution is to use the power of embedded systems to condense all the hardware and software required into a single board total solution.

Complete Integrated System

Zumi Systems devices are stand alone complete solutions for audio measurements.

Interfacing Capabilities

Designed from the core to interface and interact with products under test through Bluetooth Serial, UART, SPI, I2C and more.

Ease of Use

One button operation to execute complex measurement processes. Robust and simple to use even for inexperienced operators.

Product Highlights

Bluetooth Product Test

ZUMI’s measurement systems integrate a bluetooth module that acts as an A2DP source, HFP Audio Gateway and Serial Port. The module logic completely automates pairing and connection to target devices transparently to the user.

Active Noise Cancellation

For both assembly line and development applications ZUMI provides built-in handling of ANC related measurements. Additionaly the system automated interfacing with ANC chipsets that support digital communications.

Prebuilt Testing Profiles

Although ZUMI allows the user complete configuration control the majority of use cases are handled perfectly by the built-in test profiles. Users get the results they need without any setup.

Focused Performance

Our products are built as use case specific instruments. This gives a huge advantage in ease of use and means ZUMI devices are ready to go at all times without any precision time to configure for a given job


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